Original Art Work For Sale. Enquiries welcome.

Original work from $2,500 - $11,000

Buy direct from the Artist and SAVE 40% OFF Gallery Prices. 

Portrait Price Guide (personal commissions).

Portraits are available in a range of sizes and surfaces.

Canvas + Acrylic

  • 1.2 x 1.2 m : $3 - 5,000
  • 1.8 x 1.2 m : $5 - 6,000
  • 2m x 1.5m+  $10,000

Other sizes available, prices on application and vary based on complexity, detail and medium used... eg Gold Leaf.

Mural Prices

As each job is unique in size and detail prices will vary.

Generally a job that covers half a wall and uses more than one colour ranges from $3 - 10,000

Smaller jobs: Characters in a small area of a wall are more affordable and

start at $500. This will vary depending on size and detail.

Call or email:

  • Lionia: 0421 946 823 
  • lionia@lionia.com.au

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